Keep Christ in Christmas letter from GK Wasilewski

By Grand Knight Andrew Wasilewski

November 2015


To keep Christ is Christmas is such an oddity…what magician could possibly take Christ out of Christmas?  Yet in these strange and strained times in which we live, we oft encounter folks who want to remove the image, the understanding, the word and even the essence of Christ from this happiest of seasons.

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest imageThis year with the help of Christ’s special envoys, children of our communities and partnership with the U.P. Catholic Credit Union, Monsignor Nolan B. McKevitt Knights of Columbus Council 689 will Keep Christ In Christmas with our poster contest.  We will spread the Good News that Jesus was not merely born, but He is alive and well, living among us in Marquette County.  Starting this week, listen for promotion on radio (Q107) and WLUC promoting the competition available to youth ages 5-14.

I was reminded of the special quality of children and their relationship to the Lord when I visited Tom Taylor, Art Teacher at Father Marquette Schools.  He was in the gymnasium during lunch time.  One young girl approached and asked if she could clean tables.  Tom smiled and assured her she could, and that she was number 2, and two more were needed.  In short order, another youngster and another approached with the same question and were granted “table cleaners” of the day.

Did not the Lord convey?

  • If you wish to lead, you must serve…
  • Ask and you shall receive…
  • It is not by faith alone, but also with works that we earn a place in heaven…

What can we learn from youth?  Their youthful joy, innocence, and willingness to step forward was refreshing and certainly made me consider how tremendously successful every KofC Council would be in serving their parish and community if a portion of their zeal would rub off on each of us.  KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS not only helps to reinforce in children the special loving nature of Jesus Christ, but can also renew and energize adults.  We are reminded that Christ is not only a part of Christmas; He is the reason for the season.  It was His gift of coming to us that makes Christmas a season of giving.

Encourage children in your life (children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors) to participate in the Keep Christ in Christmas program.  Thanks to one of our newest Knights—Tom Taylor–the Catholic Schools will be hosting participation through classroom art.  Entry forms are also available at the three U.P. Catholic Credit Union Branches.  UPCCU will also have poster paper and a box of crayons available to any child in need of supplies.  Finally, even if time or other circumstances preclude further involvement in KofC activities and programs; your prayers are always helpful and needed.

On behalf of the Council I thank UPCCU for sponsoring advertisement, and offering support and monetary awards.

Andy Wasilewski,

Grand Knight

Monsignor Nolan B. McKevitt Council 689

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