Grand Knight’s October 2015 Message

Faith, Hope and Charity are represented by the first three Hail Marys of the rosary.  Faith is a gift…given by God.  Charity, also Love, is a gift we return to the Lord, but give freely to others; and this is another actualization of the Lord creating us in His image.  Hope is a treasure we can hold; but in the Lord’s beauty, we can also share the treasure with neighbors, strangers, the poor, the sick, etc. I believe we do this through faith in sharing our love:  sharing our time and/or tools, and/or talent, and/or treasure.

Image for Grand Knight's MessagePope John Paul II called the Knights of Columbus “the strong right arm of the Catholic Church.”  Pope Francis modeled simple, significant, signs to show our strength:  greeting a child, visiting with a boy in a wheelchair, and asking our people to set aside differences and work toward common good by “doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.”  And in his humility he made famous the Fiat 500L.

In this, my fourth month of a one year term, I am grateful for the work Brother Knights.  They visit nursing homes, raise funds for intellectually impaired and Bay Cliff, support the Care Clinic, serve in parishes, pray the rosary, work KofC breakfasts to support seminarians, donate blood, help at parish picnics, and offer service in numerous other ways.  Yet, unmet needs call us, locally, to show strength in faith and works in these troubled times when Christians are being persecuted, church attendance is down, family values are under assault, and our society seems to be plagued with upheaval.

Recently, two Brothers called me to volunteer to help with different projects.  One of the projects had languished and seemed hopeless.  These offers of a few hours were blessings to me and to those who will benefit.  Would each of us offer a few (or a few more) hours a month or even in a year, we could accomplish much more in service to our faith and residential communities.  Please call me anytime to learn how you might help with a task, program, or project that would be meaningful to you and to those we serve.  Your help will be more far more valuable than you might imagine.

Some things to remember or do:

  • Invite good Catholic men to join the KofC (everyone of them deserve an invitation)
  • KofC Breakfasts this year are October 18th, November 15th, and December 13th
  • The Knights hosted a successful blood drive at St. Michael on September 27th
  • Check your church bulletin for the next blood drive
  • We meet the 2nd Monday of each month…and a secret is we often have refreshment afterward
  • In unity we are strong
  • Check out the calendar on our newly established website:
  • My home phone is 249-1803 and my email address is


Vivat Jesus Brothers

Andy Wasilewski, Grand Knight

Monsignor Nolan B. McKevitt Council 689

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