GK newsletter December 2015

Recognizing Jesus

And Have I got an offer for you!

Jesus made a blind man see and announced that “I am the light of the world.” And the blind man proclaimed Jesus to be a prophet.

Image for Grand Knight's MessageMagi arrived from the East, saying “Where is the newborn King?”

While walking, the crowds were pushing and pressing in on Jesus.  He asked “…Who touched me…for I know the power has gone out from me.”  A woman came forward and acknowledged it was she who had touched a tassel of Christ’s cloak.  Jesus instructed her to go in peace as her faith had saved her.

Mother Theresa said, “I see Jesus in every human face…This is hungry Jesus…I must feed him”

And children who are now completing their poster the KofC sponsored “KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS” surely see Jesus more easily than most of us.

So what — I am certain you are asking yourself — is the offer?

Simply put, I am offering you a chance for a child to see Jesus in your face.  The families of all youthful participants in “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest will be hosted to a pizza party on Wednesday, January 6th.  The U.P. Catholic Credit Union has partnered with us to sponsor this along with Father Marquette Schools.  We can use help in hosting this event and if you help, the children may well see Christ in your face.

This is a great activity for those of you who want to help but have limited time to do so.  The event starts late afternoon and will be finished by 7 PM.  Take an hour off work and help out.

We are called to be charitable and each must find a proper role.  Pray on it…is this a proper slot and proper time for you to pitch in?  Bring your wife and/or kids…  Let me know if we can count you in.  My phone number is 249-1803 and my email is awasilew1974@charter.net .

In the meantime, Brothers, I pray you will make a sincere effort to keep Christ in Christmas.  Not all that glitters is gold.  Black Friday holds no lasting joy as does Christmas morning.  Santa’s arrival is less than a mere pittance compared to the arrival of Jesus.  Beyond the birth of Jesus Christ, all the other trappings are extraneous to our world and our eventual meeting with our one Lord, Jesus Christ.


Vivat Jesus,

Andy Wasilewski

Grand Knight

Monsignor Nolan B. McKevitt Council 689

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